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From the icy north Quake The Earth strikes hardcore metal with its diamond-edged debut EP. At the helm of this sledgehammer a combined union of young energy and solid experience bears a hellish fruit. The tectonic plates rumble as the force of nature from oulu is being released on First blood After hearing the EP the likes of Raised Fist, Soilwork and Hatebreed are left what blacked out their sun.

Somethimes the alliance of two elements is more than sum of it´s parts. After the Nordic near-death metal wonder Perfect Chaos, Finland has not had a new iron fist in years. That was until the band Forensic Hardcore met its death at the end of 2010 when the vocalist quit the game. The group then came up with a burning idea to ask Aki Häkkinen to be their vocalist, him being the vocal force of Perfect Chaos and Grinister whom have had success outside of Finland. The other members of Quake The Earth also perform in storming bands, bassist Sami Knuutinen and Drummer Aleksi Heiskanen hammers his kit in the death band All Against.

Together the fivesome started working on the rough songs written by guitarist Jani Kakko. The coctail of experience, talent and energy started to bear fruit and a new fresh sound was unearthed. The band found themselves musically in the realms of Lamb Of God, Pantera and Hatebreed. Musically their role models are Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and Rage Against The Machine, amongst others. Quake The Earth, howeverm does not want to create self-repeating music nor go with the mainstream or with a certain genre. Despite the strong influences, Quake The Earth has it´s own unique sound.

After some hard grinding, four new songs were born to be recorded. This iron five does not do anything half-heartedly. The EP was recorded in one of the most famous studios in Finland, Mastervox in Oulu. Sentenced, Poisonblack and Embraze have all used the same studio. Quake The Earth did most of the recording themselves and the sound guru Immu Ilmarinen engineered and mastered it.

From the ashes of the two dead ones rose a bloody phoenix. First Blood is a gringingly aggressive, yet melodic peace of metal-hardcore. Despite the rumbling sound, the songs have a fresh and distinct groove. The lyrics are a pounding hammer towards the people who blindly believe in lies and religion. Häkkinen´s growling vocals on First Blood cut sharply on the bloodied ruins of the earthquake.

The Force of nature will not stand still. First Blood was released on June 1st 2011 and Quake The Earth is touring Finland, already rising a swarming interest for this fresh bloody beast. Contract between Inverse Records and Quake The Earth was signed in November 2011 and the not yet titled debute album is to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2012 so stay tuned!!


Aki Häkkinen - Vocals
Juhani Lahdenperä - Guitar
Jani Kakko - Guitar
Sami Knuutinen - Bass
Aleksi Heiskanen - Drums