From the icy north Quake The Earth strikes metallic hardcore with its diamondedged grip in music. At the helm of this sledgehammer a combined union of young energy and solid experience bears a hellish fruit. The tectonic plates rumble as the force of nature from Oulu, Finland is being released. Sometimes the alliance of two elements is more than sum of its parts.

After the Nordic neardeath metal wonder Perfect Chaos, Finland has not had a new iron fist in years. That was until the band Forensic Hardcore met it's death at the end of 2010 when the vocalist quit the game. The group then came up with a burning idea to ask Aki Häkkinen to be their vocalist, him being the vocal force of Perfect Chaos and Grinister whom have had success outside of Finland. The other members
of Quake the Earth also perform in storming bands.

Together the new group started working on the rough songs written by guitarist Jani Kakko. The coctail of experience, talent and energy started to bear fruit and a new and fresh sound was unearthed. The band found themselves musically in the realms of Lamb Of God, Pantera and Hatebreed.

Their live role models are Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and Rage Against The Machine, amongst others.

Quake The Earth, however, does not want to create selfrepeating music nor go with the mainstream or with a certain genre. Despite the strong influences, Quake The Earth has its own unique sound. After some hard grinding, four new songs were born to be recorded. This iron fist does not do anything halfheartedly.

The first EP titled ”First Blood” was recorded in one of the most famous studios in Finland, Mastervox in Oulu and was eleased in 2011. Sentenced, Poisonblack and The Man Eating Tree have all used the same studio. Quake The Earth did most of the recording themselves and the sound guru Immu Ilmarinen engineered and mastered it.

The force of nature has not stand still. The debute full lenght album ”We choose to walk this path” was recorded at well proven studio Mastervox and was released in 2012 receiving amazing reviews all over the world!

On album’s release week it jumped to number 19 on Rumba’s top 20 album list. It was followed by touring in Finland and building even better reputation of being amazing band live aswell with it’s relentless energy on stage. ”There is no doubt that you have just borne witness to one of the most important albums in the hardcore/metal crossgenre.” Metal as Fuck album review.

Quake The Earth has been working on new songs and recorded a few where else at Mastervox studios. New music video single ”The Legacy We Leave” was released 5.8.2014. Quake The Earth is currently scouting for new partners in taking this talented force to the next level and beyond.

Aki Häkkinen


Born: 1977

Plays: My mouth

Current Gear: Shure mic that goes with my aluminum baseball bat

Former/Other Current Bands: Currently vocalist of legendary swedish melodic death metal band The Duskfall. Formerly vocals on Grinister, Perfect Chaos, Dmon, Wynken Delirium + a lot of guest appearances for example for Burning Point, National Napalm Syndicate, King Chrome, Wrongler etc.) Played drums in the 90’s for The Gates of Paradise and Halibut

Top 5 Fav Bands: Meshuggah, Pantera, Snot, Biohazard, Slipknot

Why QTE is the best band in the world: We got 2 generations united with good hard working spirit and awesome music that I love. Mixture of a lot of influences that comes out with our own unique sound. Has positive energy both off and on stage. Motivation, dedication and drive to get things done right.

Jani Kakko


Born: 1989

Plays: Guitar

Current gear: Fender Jim Root Telecaster Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 50w head & Marshall 1960 Lead cab Pedalboard includes Korg pitchblack tuner, Boss DD3, digital delay, CH1 super chorus and
Morley PWV Wah.

Former/other current bands: Forensic Hardcore , Haze Days & secret jam bands

Top 5 fav bands: Pantera, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down & Sentenced

Why Qte is the best band in the world: Our music comes from our hearts this is a lifestyle

Joonas Takalo


Born: 1991

Plays: Drums

Current gear: Impression cymbals, PDP, Pearl hardware and vic firth 5a drumsticks

Former/other current bands: Dying Sunset, Moldfly, New Media

Top 5 fav bands: Mygrain, Swallow the Sun, Apoptygma Berzerk, Nicumo, Raised Fist

Why Qte is the best band in the world: Awesome stage energy, we do music honestly without asking anyone's permission, and we bring our own thoughts to the table.

Sami Knuutinen


Born: 1987

Plays: bass

Current gear: Ibanez-basses

Former/other current bands: All Against, Awire & Verikalpa

Top 5 fav bands: Stratovarius, Death, Ensiferum, Wintersun & Dimmu Borgir

Why Qte is the best band in the world: Because we have gathered a group that has amazing motivation,
skills, goal and excelent chemistry. Everyone brings their input to song writing and it’s group work.
QTE is not a prisoner of one genre we have very versatile and energetic music (especially live)